Michael Ross brand was first established in 1979 and today it is still family 
owned. The production is as its original production format on hand framed
Knitting machines. 

Back in 1979 Michael Ross was operational on the Shetland Islands and 
through the eighties moved to  Hayes, Middlesex, today is based in Thatcham, 
All the designs are in house produced and copyright protected.

The general trend of the Michael Ross collection lies in a brilliant
interpretation of traditional English knitwear designed and coloured by
Denis Fleri

Whilst authentic  fair isles patterns are its hallmark, exiting new designs 
and colour ways are Introduced. 

The entire collection is exclusively realised in natural
Fibres: Shetland super soft, expressing comfort and softness. 

This Collection, attentive to details, refinement and quality, could be
defined as modern classic and has been created to dress with boldness
and a touch of fashion. All designs are original, created and developed 
in house.

Prevailing in this collection is the stylistic content of each item and high 
quality of the yarns allowing for an infinitive play of combinations
in the spirit of timeless simplicity and luxury.
In 1992 Michael Ross won the Queen’s Award.